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Once upon a time or to be more precise, very early 1984, reflecting on a theatre music project as well as several concerts with a local Derbyshire band the previous year involving school friends and local musicians, I decided to form a blues rock band specialising in playing original music quickly recruiting guitarist David Conner, singer Neil Simmons and drummer Giles Fisher. Choosing a band name - Cold Flame and expperimenting with original songs rather than covers, the band went on to play extensively around the local Derbyshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester music circuit. Inevitably over this embryonic period, the band line up and sound altered as circumstances changed and over the next few years, musicians came and went. Doors opened; others closed, as the band began to travel further afield embracing both electric and acoustic shows as well as taking on the mantle of being a Jethro Tull tribute band. Highs and lows each year with the band adapting and evolving to the ever changing and deeper challenges of performing live music in modern times. To get an idea of how things developed over the first twenty years, check out the following archive link which gives a potted history and photo gallery of the members of the band from 1984 to 2005 History (

Fast forward to 2024 which signifies if nothing else that Cold Flame have survived against the odds to celebrate their 40th anniversary as a live and recording blues rock band. The question then arises as to how to celebrate such a significant milestone. Not willing to throw in the towel just yet, 2024 sees the band once again performing electric and acoustic shows highlighting Cold Flame original music across the UK and beyond. This will include a short tour in southern France. Additionally the band's French line up will also play some occasional concerts in western France. A list of all the latest confirmed shows for 2024 can be found on the band's website gig guide as well as ENTS 24. Both guides will be updated regularly as new shows are confirmed. Additional information on all up and coming shows will be posted on the band's Facebook page The band are actively looking to add further shows to the diary this year and have already started booking for 2025. All enquiries considered...get in touch via Facebook messenger or

Cold Flame perform the music of Jethro Tull in 2024
The band started performing the music of progressive rock legends Jethro Tull as a special showcase event back in 1998 and have continued ever since performing both European Tull Conventions as well as across the UK and occasionally playing with or supporting various ex members of Jethro Tull. The next twelve months not only sees this tradition continue, but also expand, with Cold Flame set to support legendary Tull ex member Dee Palmer at The Cryer Arts Centre in Carshalton, London as part of a showcase Easter tour that will also include dates in Scotland, Wales and across England. Further concerts performing Jethro Tull music later in the year are also being pursued with the band's first Tull tribute booking of 2025 already confirmed.


Cold Flame New Music Releases
A new year so why not release some new material worldwide. Having released the progressive rock studio album 'A Circus in Paradise' in 2023, the band will follow this up in 2024 with a new download single 'Return of the Sandman'due out on Starring Records on Thursday 1st February. This song retains a progressive rock feel and is a a new addition from the sessions that created the last album. The band have recently returned to Starring Studios in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, England and are currently working on a new, as yet untitled, studio album scheduled for release in Autumn 2024 which will be more blues based in keeping with the general music tone that fans are familiar with. Meantime all existing Cold Flame albums remain available direct from the band at gigs, from the band shop at or you can download Cold Flame music worldwide on Spotify at as well as other media platforms such as Apple, Amazon and Deezer.

Cold Flame YouTube Channel
In recognition of the band's longevity and wanting to increase the official Cold Flame video library, a number of new 'archive' videos of ''varied film quality'' will be released over the next few months as a passing nod to band members past and present. These will be posted on the Cold Flame YouTube Channel at The first batch of four videos will be released on Thursday 25th January. They were all recorded live over a decade ago and have been recently edited by the band's video guru Ian Gallacher. Expect further archive videos later this year.

Cold Flame T shirts ?
A number of recent enquiries about whether band t shirts are currently available has prompted consideration about designing a new Cold Flame t shirt which is something the band has not done for a decade. If the interest is there, then the band will take this on board and set something up. If enough people are interested then we will do it. Feedback please via Facebook or

Cold Flame websites
Whatever your interest is in Cold Flame whether as a fan, promoter or venue manager, the band's two main official websites remain the best place to keep up to date with band information. Together with the band's French line up Facebook site at these provide everything you need to know about the band's past and present activities as well as plans for the future. Updates have been made on all three sites this month.

Guy Smith - tenor sax
Blink and you may not have noticed but over the last couple of years, we have increased the band line up by 1. Guy has been performing occasional concerts with the band lending his trusty tenor sax and a wealth of experience to proceedings over the last twelve months and has also played on the band's most recent studio album 'A Circus in Paradise' released in early 2023. With a background that includes jazz and r n b bands over many years as well as a stint in a Pink Floyd tribute band, we look forward to a long association with Guy both on stage and in the studio. Check out Guy's YouTube page at Guy Smith Saxophone - YouTube

Guy with members of Cold Flame - live and off stage at The Great British Blues Festival in Colne - August 2023


Reflecting on the music scene generally, there are two things worth pointing out moving forward this year at a time when there is so much upheaval in the world. Cold Flame could not possibly exist without the support of those musicians within the band who continue to play the band's music in a multitude of settings. The band are further indebted to those many friends and fans across the globe who continue to show interest in Cold Flame and our music both on and off stage. Whether you are there out front watching Cold Flame or listening to the band's music at home, such support is enough to encourage us all to carry on for a little while longer. Finally whatever your interest in Cold Flame past , present or future, the band's two main official websites remain the best place to keep up to date with band activities. All enquiries and messages will be responded to asap.



Thank you and have a happy and healthy New Year... PR / Cold Flame, January 2024




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