Albums - Still Burning The Blues Vol. 2

  Still Burning The Blues Vol. 2 (2006)
Never Forever
Why do you treat me this way
Medicine Man
Spirit of Elven
Tarot Woman
Jamming with the Fat Cat
Old Tin Can
The Huntsmans Daughter
Count me out again
Dark Angel
Capricious Shone
Why do you treat me this way [alternate mix]
Bonus material - studio
Bonus material - live
PRM 2006


Musicians Pat Rowbottom vocals, acoustic & electric bass guitars
  Peter Cheetham vocals, flute, saxophones, acoustic guitar
  Rob Barnes electric guitars
  Davyd Simpson vocals, keyboards, piano accordion, guitar
  Phil Marke drums & percussion
  Simon Dowling electric & acoustic guitars
  Paul Newland acoustic & electric violins

Additional musicians - Ben Daglish - whistle flute, vocals, Keith Bonthrone - drums & vocals.
All songs Pat Rowbottom except Simon Dowling [track 1], Peter Cheetham [tracks 4,11,12], Rowbottom/Cheetham [track 5]. Bonus material arrangements by Pat Rowbottom/Davyd Simpson.

Recorded at Shipwreck Studios, Glossop and the Cold Flame mobile between 2003 and 2006. Live edits recorded at The Witchwood Club, Ashton Under Lyne, Tameside in March 2006. Mastered at Shipwreck Studios May 2006. Engineered by Paul Walster. Additional mixing Peter Cheetham/ Davyd Simpson. Artwork by Julian Homer.
Produced by Pat Rowbottom. All rights reserved cPRM 2006

Background to the album

Following a six week period of intense studio activity in late Spring 2006, Cold Flame released their sixth studio album in September of the same year under the rather unimaginative title - Still Burning the Blues Volume 2. The album is in fact a collection of previously unreleased acoustic and electric original material brought together by Pat and the rest of the band as a new project.. Blues, rock, folk and prog intermingle throughout with most of the material written by Pat though Peter also contributed several of his compositions. These original recordings represent a number of visits made to Shipwreck Recording Studios on rainy days between 2003 and early 2006 which were wisely archived for future use.. Some interesting studio and live bonus material from the same time frame and recorded on the Cold Flame mobile is also included on this album which may well sound familiar to the educated ear.The live material was recorded direct from the mixing desk at The Witchwood Club in Ashton under Lyne, Tameside and then transferred to the Cold Flame mobile as was the live in the studio bonus material in March 2006.

This CD was suggested by friends and fans of the band as a way of ensuring new product to promote on tour whilst ensuring that hours spent in Shipwreck Studios drinking sound engineer Paul Walster's well made hot tea was indeed time well spent. As a result the opportunity to promote another studio album with 'new' material featuring what was then the current band line up allowed for a further expansion of the Cold Flame album catalogue. A couple of additional facts regarding this album is the involvement of the band's acoustic line up member Paul Newland who played both acoustic and electric violin on the song 'Tarot Woman' whilst lead guitarist Simon Dowling wrote the guitar instrumental 'Corsair'.

The album 'Still Burning the Blues Volume 2' is available via the band website Shop.



By way of explaination.......

Young Simon makes a name for himself with his first ever Flame composition displaying his abilities on the six string electric lead guitar. Rock meets blues - not half. A great way to kick off the album. Stick it on 'em Simon!

Written originally around the time of the Stormcloud album and played live extensively at that time. This is familiar rocking r n b territory and a tune that has featured live many times over the years. Lyrically one of several tunes on this album reflecting the highs and lows of boy - girl relationships. Davyd likes it so maybe we will give it another live airing soon with keyboard frills and niceties.

Two extended and updated versions of one of the band's fave tunes for you to enjoy. This bluesy piece first surfaced on the Stormcloud album in 1999 and is a first person observation on life with the other half....or is it really more a comment on the Inland Revenue heaven forbid!. For the last few years it has proved extremely popular as a live tune and deserves additional helpings. Peter and Simon get to show us just what they are made of. Maybe I will stick the phrase on my tombstone or there again maybe not.

A brand new acoustic version from Peter of an out and out rocker that appeared on the Seven Seas album. There is no cause for alarm when the Medicine Man is around.

Peter liked this piece so much when we originally recorded it back in 2002 that he wrote some atmospheric lyrics over the melody enabling the piece to be extended considerably.We were all happy with it and so it was included on this album. One of those original pieces that we sometimes sneek into our Tull tribute performances.

I suppose there is a story to this lively rocking ballad which I would like to dedicate to one of the most self centred individuals I have ever had the misfortune to meet over the years. The tune itself was written in approx half an hour on Christmas Day morning 2004....when you feel inspired you just have to get something down on tape regardless of what day it is. You never know another idea might come along for a long time. Note Paul's double violin contribution in the middle of the piece signifying his first recording contribution to recorded Cold Flame ironically on a noisy tune. Keith proves yet again just what a great vocalist he is whilst the guitar holds sway in the rocky finale.

Another of the outakes from the Seven Seas album and as the title suggests really just an out and out bluesy jam where the band get to have lots of fun and solo to extremes using the Blues for the Fat Cat piece backing tracks as a framework. Definitely one that appeals to air guitarists and sax players alike.

Anyone who has ever run a band for any length of time will appreciate that in addition to requiring tolerance, paitence, humour and organisational skills, it is also highly desirable to retain a positive outlook on life and not listen to anyone who might wish you harm or spread negativity. When you have lived as long as we have in the band never was a truer word spoken. To band leaders and those who sometimes may doubt their positive qualities in life, never give up - this little acoustic blues is dedicated to you!

Featuring our ex flautist and wild frontman Ben Daglish on whistles, this folk rock instrumental was played extensively in Tull tribute shows during 2004/2005. This is a remix of the track that appeared on the Sports in Perfect Harmony album during 2004 and highlights just how a whistle should be played.

We lured Ben into the studio again to record an extended version of the jazzy Count me out complete with breezy flute tootling from good old Ben who sang the piece as well - reminiscent in part of Ian Anderson's early flute style as the song zooms along quite nicely. There's even a nice jazzy guitar break this time round whilst Keith's drum patterns have never sounded more restrained.

Another new folky piece from Pete reflecting on the value of friendships in a dark but positive sense with a deliberate intro played slowly on guitar and flute to delay the main part of the song. We should always value our friends.

No one can remember quite what this instrumental is about or even how it got its title but as its a nice short flute led tune we have included the piece on this compilation and Peter gets another of his tunes in the Cold Flame catalogue.


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