Albums - It Came From The Pond.

It came from the pondReleased on March 1st 2000, this is a 4CD mega compilation of the very best original music talent Derbyshire has to offer alongside several major British rock, blues and folk artists. As well as Cold Flame, you can hear the likes of the Hamsters, Prego, Quinine, Elliot, the list is almost endless not suprisingly as almost three hundred musicians from eighty bands are featured.

Cold Flame's input to this project is the Jethro Tull inspired acoustic tune "Another Day Gone" written by Patrick. This is a brand new version of the tune which recently appeared on the Stormcloud album - this time featuring Pete's busy flute arrangements.

All proceeds from the sale of these CDs will go towards funding The Bus Stop Project - a county Charity organisation which aims to provide the Derbyshire Dales with mobile youth centres. Individual albums are priced at £8.50 each with full sets of four discs retailing for £30. Distribution will be national. For further information and to order your copies contact Fishpond Records on 01629 581000.

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