Live at The Witchwood
CFR DCD3 (2015)

CD1 Live at The Witchwood 1996
Messing with the kid [J.Wells]
Crossroads [R.Johnson]
Cold Feet/Memories of you [PR]
End of the line [PR]
First time blues [PR]
We used to know [I.Anderson]
Need you by my side [PR]
Lucky Man [DC]
Salamander [PR]
Living is for loving[PR]
Mamas Blues [PR]
Red House [J.Hendrix]
Wee Wee Baby [W.Dixon]
Gimme some loving [S.Davies]
Mustang Sally[M.Rice]
CD2 Live at The Witchwood 1997
End of the line [PR]
Crossroads [R.Johnson]
Paradise [AM]
Need you by my side [PR]
Lucky Man [DC]
Rhythm and Greens [PR]
Living is for loving[PR]
The Hunter[Booker T/C.Wells]
Dream Sequence[DH]
New Day Yesterday/The Whistler [I.Anderson]
Red House [J.Hendrix]
Mamas Blues [PR]
Johnny B.Goode [C.Berry]
Rock me baby medley [arr. PR]
CDR DCD3 cover
Pat Rowbottombass guitar, vocals
David Connerelectric guitar
Dan Hallelectric guitar
Keith Bonthronedrums, vocals
Andrew Mellorvocals

Live at The Witchwood features mixing desk tapes originally recorded at The Witchwood Club Ashton U Lyne, Lancashire during 1996 and 1997. Engineered and edited by Ian Burke at Tiny Studios in Hyde, Cheshire during January/ March 2015. Produced and arranged by Pat Rowbottom. Artwork design and layout PR and Interlith Printing, Glossop.


Cold Flame - Live at The Witchwood
In 2014 Cold Flame celebrated 30 years as a live and studio band. Keen to mark the event some way or other, time was spent at band HQ checking out a number of dusty, ageing and almost forgotten mixing desk live recordings taken over the years in a variety of venues with a view to some kind of special release.

Cold Flame - Live at The Witchwood represents a double album of live blues rock material recorded at the renowned Witchwood Club in Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire. Featured on the album are several tracks from the band's first two studio albums - On Thin Ice and Stormcloud - as well as some previously unreleased original material and cover versions of a few stage favourites. Musically the sound is familiar blues rock territory with a focus on guitars. A year later and the band had added flutes, violins and keyboards to the overall sound in moving towards prog folk rock whilst still retaining their blues background but back in the mid '90s guitars always took centre stage. Taken direct from mixing desk tape recordings and carefully edited earlier this year at Tiny Studios in Hyde, Cheshire by studio engineer Ian Burke, the recordings cover a period in the mid 1990s when the band regularly headlined the prestigious Tameside venue. As such very little of these recordings have been altered other than a few key edits so what you hear is how the band sounded at the time. Further information on this release has now been posted in the albums section.

The first cd features recordings from 1996 featuring the five piece band line up of Pat Rowbottom on bass guitar and vocals, lead guitarists Dave Conner and Dan Hall, Keith Bonthrone on drums and vocals and singer Andrew Mellor whilst the second cd features the same line from 1997 minus Dave C who seemed to be on vacation a lot that particular year.

The double album 'Live at The Witchwood' is available via the band website Shop.

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