Waiting for God
CFR CD15 (2019)

Waiting for God
From Father Time[PR]
The Silent Crowd [PR]
See [RB]
Another Year Gone [PR]
Blues is like a Devil [PR]
Working Joe [PR]
Young Innocence [PR]
Dominator [RB]
Friend or Foe [PR]
The Detective [RB]
No Turnaround [PR]
King and Country [PR]
Waiting for God - [PR]
Thoughts from the heart - [PR]

CDR CD15 cover        
Pat Rowbottomvocals, bass guitar, organ
Rob Barnesvocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Simon Dowlingelectric & acoustic guitars
Mark Parkinsonflute
Joe Orbankeyboards
Adam Hutchinskeyboards
Phil Markevocals, drums
Vince Waltondrums
  • With special thanks to additional musicians - Ian Burke - acoustic guitar, mandolin on track 4. vocal & guitar track 13. Phil Steadman - tenor sax on track 7. Neil Scales - percussion on tracks 6, 12, guitar track 1, 12 and strings track 6.Special thanks to Neil Scales for providing a bit of acoustic guitar, piano and percussion on a couple of tracks.

All songs written and arranged by Pat Rowbottom c and p 2019 except See/ Dominator/ The Detective written by Rob Barnes c and p 2019 Recorded, mixed and mastered at Starring Studios, Littleborough, Lancashire. Sound Engineer - Neil Scales www.starringstudios.co.uk
Produced by Pat Rowbottom
Front cover artwork - Sue Llewellyn Back cover photos - Mike Prince www.mikeprince.org
Design - PR and Interlith, Glossop, Derbyshire http://www.interlith.co.uk/
Duplication - Max Duplication, London. http://www.maxduplication.co.uk/


Having completed the acoustic blues/ folk album 'One Man's Wood' in 2016, a new electric album was always going to be the next project. It certainly made sense to record something more full on and so the band once more returned to the studio to record a new electric album almost immediately. With prog rock and concept albums enjoying something of a modest revival in recent times, the urge to consider something along similar lines was strong enough to explore the possibility of Cold Flame presenting something in this very genre though , admittedly the project has ended up taking a little longer than expected. Entitled 'Waiting for God'. the new project from the band is indeed very much a concept album featuring a merging of progressive rock and electric blues styles exploring a general theme of past memories, present realities and future possibilities. There are fourteen new and original songs on the album which took over two years to complete briefly seeing the band working at Shipwreck Studios in Glossop before transferring the project across to Starring Studios in Littleborough, Lancashire. Eleven of the songs were written by band leader Pat including the epic twelve minute album title, whilst guitarist Rob wrote three additional tunes for this album which added to the overall feel and mood. In essence the album theme revolves around the idea of a person reaching a certain age and finding some free time to escape normal routines, deliberately takes time out to reflect on the world around him/her from past, present and future perspectives asking some pretty basic questions that have no simple answers.

'Waiting for God' features most of the current Cold Flame line up as well as contributions from a couple of other musicians - most notably former band lead guitarist Simon Dowling as well as Phil Steadman on tenor sax and Ian Burke who added some guitar parts and vocals on the title track as well as guitar and mandolin on the one acoustic track recorded for the album.Both the flute and the electric guitar play dominant parts as does all manner of keyboards. Lyrically and to an extent musically, there is rather a sombre downbeat overall feel particularly in those songs that reflect present local and worldwide realities but to balance the mood, there are additional songs featuring a more upbeat and optimistic feel.The front and inside cover artwork was painted by South Wales artist Sue Llewellyn whilst renowned Cumbrian photographer Mike Prince took the back cover shots. The album was mixed and mastered in August 2018 with printing/ duplication completed six weeks later. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Starring Studios in Littleborough, Lancashire with sound engineer Neil Scales. Check out Neil's home studio at www.starringstudios.co.uk

'Waiting for God' is released as a download on Amazon, ITunes and Apple on Friday February 1st. The album will then be released worldwide as a cd on Friday March 1st. A 'soundbites' taster will be released into the public domain in January on various social media sites.The album will be available to purchase direct from the band from Friday 1st February by using the Shop links/ instructions found elsewhere on the band website. Additional download links can be found on this page.

The album 'Waiting for God' is available via the band website Shop.


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