A Stitch In Time
CFR CD13 (2015)

A Stitch in Time
Magic Circle
Living is for loving
Fame and Fortune
Count me out again
End of the line
Blues for the Fat Cat
First time blues
Call of the Rainbow
Need you by my side
Why do you treat me this way
Magic Circle 2
Fame and Fortune 2
Count me out again 2
Blues for the Fat Cat 2
Need you by my side 2

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Pat Rowbottombass guitar, vocals, keyboards
Rob Barneselectric guitar, vocals
David Connerelectric guitar
Joe Orbankeyboards
Adam Hutchinskeyboards, piano accordion
Keith Bonthronedrums, vocals
Phil Markedrums

All songs written and arranged by Pat Rowbottom c and p 2015
Recorded on location - mixed and mastered at Audio Masterworks Studios, Glossop, Derbyshire in Autumn 2014 and Spring 2015. Engineered by Paul Walster. Produced by Pat Rowbottom. Artwork - 'The Dream' by Sue Llewellyn.

Background to the album

Every so often, there comes a point in the history of any band, when it becomes necessary to review progress, direction etc. By 2014, the band were taking stock and feeling a need for change. The 'Blue Shadows' album that came out in the same year featured a number of popular rock and blues cover songs that had become pretty standard in many of the live shows performed but in releasing the album, it actually signalled the finale to the use of many of these covers and a return to original music which had always been the Cold Flame trademark. One way of demonstrating presented itself almost immediately with an opportunity arose to record some of these original tunes with newly written arrangements. Songs were initially recorded in locations in both Lancashire and Derbyshire and then brought together and mixed , edited and mastered at Audio Masterworks Studios in Glossop, Derbyshire by studio engineer Paul Walster during Autumn 2014 and Spring 2015. The band then commissioned Cumbrian artist Sue Llewellyn to come up with a suitable design that embodied some of the lyrics and ideas within the album. The result was an adapted painting entitled 'The Dream'. This very original piece of artwork had previously been the centre piece in the nationally renowned 'Jigsaw Project' which involved several famous UK artists, actors and personalities painting individual jigsaw pieces to raise funds for a deserving cause. In fact, The Jigsaw Project raised an incredible one million pounds with all proceeds going to Eden Valley Hospice in Cumbria, England.

'A STITCH IN TIME' became the band's 11th studio album and was released worldwide in September 2015. The album features new extended versions of some of the band's classic original blues and prog folk rock music which over the years have become stage favourites.Every member within the current electric band line up contributed parts to this project. Included are a number of alternative versions of these songs.

The studio album ' A Stitch in Time' is available via the band website Shop.

Download versions of 'The Seven Seas' now available from Amazon and Apple


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