COLD FLAME- Acoustic
CFR CD10 (2009)

Cold Flame - Acoustic(2009)
Paul's tune
Dreams just fade away
One day without you
Away in the distance

Pat Rowbottom bass guitar and vocals
Rob Barnes acoustic guitar and vocals
Paul Newland violin, mandolin and vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Shed Studios, Romiley Cheshire during May/June 2009. Engineered and produced by John Slater and Rob Barnes. Cover design Rob Barnes. Track one written by Paul, tracks two and five written by Pat, track three written by Rob, track 4 written by John Martyn and arranged by Cold Flame.

Background to the album

Cold Flame's eighth studio album marked a radical move away from blues, rock and progressive music reflecting the regularity of the band's acoustic gigs at the time. A radical difference also was Pat not being involved in the editing and production stages which was instead handled by The Shed engineering maestro John Slater and guitarist Rob Barnes. The album is actually a mini album containing four original acoustic tracks plus a version of the John Martyn tune 'One Day without you' arranged by the band. All five pieces were featured in the band's acoustic concerts during 2009 hence being chosen as a fair representation of the band sound as a three piece and without percussion,flute or piano accordion. The album was released on December 6th 2009 as a limited edition and encouraged by the positive feedback following its release, thoughts then moved towards a full album of acoustic material which would materialise just over a year later.

The album 'Cold Flame - Acoustic' is available via the band website Shop.



Brief description of each song on this album

One of several instrumental pieces featuring the violin performed regularly within the acoustic set and significant as this piece has been written by Paul who lends his name to the title.

Stage favourite and popular local radio tune which always comes towards the end of an acoustic soiree. First appeared on the Seven Seas album and reflects Pat's thoughts about his guardian angel. This is an updated and extended version reflecting how the song has developed as a live piece during the last few years featuring Paul's dual violin parts.

An original tune from Rob which highlights the dreams people have and how such ideas often grow but ultimately fade under the influence of alcohol. Another stalwart of the current acoustic set.

The music of John Martyn is a continuing influence within band ranks and several of John's tunes are currently performed live within the acoustic format. This piece is a good example of one of them with Paul giving it his all on his mandolin.

Originally written many years ago, Pat first introduced this song about city life prior to the band's headlining appearance at the Vienna Folk Festival in Austria in 2008.Since this time the song has become a very popular part of the acoustic set and due to interest in this tune the chaps now perform an extended version with a brand new third verse.



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