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Medicine Man
Call of the Rainbow
Magic Circle
The Seven Seas
Flying Machines
Blues for the Fat Cat
Through the Years
Here comes the Rain
Coldest Flame
I can see my Time
Slip Away
The Beast

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Musicians Pat Rowbottom vocals, bass guitars
  Peter Cheetham vocals, flute, tenor and alto sax, acoustic guitar
  Simon Dowling electric and acoustic guitars
  Dave Slater vocals , drums and percussion

Dara De Cogan played electric and acoustic violin on tracks 2 and 7.
Gerald Bostock played trombone on track 14.

All songs written by Pat Rowbottom except tracks 1,13,14 written by Peter Cheetham. Track 4 written by Pat Rowbottom and Peter Cheetham.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Shipwreck Studios in Glossop, Derbyshire, England between January and July 2003. Engineered by Paul Walster. Produced by Pat Rowbottom. Artwork by Julien Homer.


Background to the album

'The Seven Seas' is the fourth studio album recorded by the band only a year after the release of 'Still burning the Blues' and features the same band line up as the previous album. 'The Seven Seas was officially released on Monday November 10th 2003 and comprises no less than sixteen original compositions ranging from gentle acoustic ballads to some real thunder and lightning rock music though the blues is never that far away. In essence the album captures the musical progress and prowess of the band at the time as they began to experiment more and more with a radical shift toward a celtic based style with more than a passing nod to the music of Jethro Tull. Flutes, violins, sax and acoustic guitars merge with the ever present guitar sounds.There is a strong mood of optimism in many of the lyrics some of which have as a thematic approach - an acknowledgement that all the best things in life are shared. Whilst the bulk of the material was written by band leader Pat, flautist Peter Cheetham supplied three further tunes. Time spent in the recording studio proved to be both very productive and creative. Several other songs were written and rehearsed with some additional recordings made. In choosing the material to put on The Seven Seas, a decision was made to retain some material for possible future release.

The Seven Seas recordings took place at Shipwreck Studios in Glossop from January through to July 2003. Technical support was provided by resident sound engineer Paul Walster. More details about the studio can be accessed via the Cold Flame website Links page. Artist Julien Homer came up with another fantastic cover design which really blends well with the musical content. Meanwhile the band acknowledge the excellent contributions made by two premier Glossop musicians. Dara De Cogan was the principal violinist for the very famous Halle Orchestra based in Manchester. Dara played electric and acoustic violin on two acoustic songs whilst Gerald Bostock - a legend on the north west big band soul scene, supplied a little subtle trombone to one of Peter's saxophone showcases.

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THE SEVEN SEAS LYRICS p and c Patrick Rowbottom PRM 2003

If you follow the source of the rainbow or look to the red of the sun
call out to your sons and your daughters for them and for you all is one .
There are those who fall by the wayside for them distant trails have gone cold
but the flame may burn brighter for you now if the devil does not capture your soul

Can you see it now - can you hear the call of the rainbow ?

We can all chase our rainbows forever and seek out our pots full of gold
perhaps these are wasted endeavours and we will not grow to be old .
Young swallows fly south in the winter as autumn leaves shake as they fall
Wrap up sleep tight God be with you but close down the hole in the wall .

Eerie sight the sun rays frown bask the stones on Salisbury plain
Come from Wales and Mulberry Downs ages old yet speak no sound
Magic circle magic circle
Sarsen stones and circles ringed arches formed the north wind brings
Missing gems and boulders large as druids watched the cold moon's rage
Magic circle magic circle
Purple veil spreads its wings night draws in for crowds to sin
Old nature's way is all their creed from long times past they feel betrayed
Magic circle magic circle

Age old calling on a summer solstice day
Druids warning there is magic in decay

Wind and rain it lashes down as waves cut through the deafening sounds
White spray rise at twenty feet the salty air gives out no heat
Small of size the coast boat ride fishes through the sailor's lives
Up and down white waves so high often seems to do or die

We're tied to the harvest of fishes in the waters and we know no better than to sail the seven seas - sail the seven seas

Darker than the black night air we risk our precious lives without a care
To feed our hungry children waiting - waiting for the crew back on dry land
Cold wind blows across the bows as we once more return we're homeward bound
Filled with profit - much to eat - tired limbs that ache for well earned sleep

On seven seas we sailed along by fair winds and by foul we rode the storm
On seven shores we walked alone - trading in strange ports we saw them all
Cold wind blows across the bows as we once more return we're coming home
Filled with profit not with greed we'll give it to the land we call our own

And I saw with my eyes across another land concrete forests of flame smoke rising from the seas
As it moved through beyond I gazed in disarray beneath the living flame once living now engraved
And if I could stop my birth if I could be alive but to see all that day in the womb I would hide
Then I would hold the child and gather in my arms so forgive me all lies to see me horrified

Call me a witness I saw that day across another land the madness all enflamed

One day I ceased to be and found another world came near to a man whose face I recognised
He did not know my name but I saw the flame he grew left his old self behind in a picture frame to view
On his shoulder I touched brown eyes I did gaze and emotions did pass across passing spirits came
He did not seem so sure just how to live or die as I cried through my soul for the day the living died

My angel keeps me company she's always there when lights go out watching through the small wee hours as dreams cascade inside my head
This angel of the night brings peace her halo shines just like the stars that fill the black night overhead in greens and blues and shades of red

She's an angel she is an angel dressed in white
She's an angel and she will keep me safe tonight

My angel is good company she will not leave me by the door that opens with her only key we'll tiptoe out the dusty floor
It opens out to big wide world tempting all who choose to fall but not for me I've seen the light - she guides me through those tempting calls

My angel is quite close beside she shines a light to catch the eye and checks my conscience once or twice just in case I cannot try
Doubts and worries disappear though I cannot see that she is here - my angel of the night is near to take away my daily fears

Flying cruising wings are turning sky is empty early morning
No sporty types no four wheel drivers plenty of room through the crowds we go
Working steering just controlling miles are piling up awhile
Engines steady diesal burning not too loud if you watch the dials
The sun is on us - metal warmer hot inside my leather straps
Goggles lifted feel the the breeze flow watch out jump start here we go

I want to fly above the clouds high in the sky just you and I

There are too many people driving too many cars pumping out the diesal they will soon blot out all the stars
We are too many people looking after number one I wonder if they realise it will pass on to all their sons
There are too many factories producing too much dirty smoke there is poison in the airwaves I think that we might have to choke
There are too many losers yet profits rising sky high in case you didn't know it - the fat cats lie

No time to sleep it over - this is the fat cat blues

As I climb up to the mountain the wind blows past my shoulder
See the sky above me the air is getting colder
Steady on my footsteps on the land that holds me closely
It's good to have you with me as we journey through the years

Looking for a good time - the bad times we forget
Catching every last drop - of sunshine in the rain
Smiling when we want to - it's easy when we try
Summer's never ending but the days are passing by
Lets journey through the years lets journey through the years

As I reach out to the heavens memories of black sundays
Heart beats growing slower with the passing of each day
Forward in direction be careful not to stray now
It's good to have you with me as we journey through the years

I try to wake up mornings after sleeping through each night
I turn around and there you are - the room is full of light
As the sun peeks through the window on the covers of my bed
The bottle is almost empty and my veins are full of lead

Here comes the rain - here comes the rain tapping away the daily grind and pain
Washing away my blues - just washing away my blues

Questions have no answers and life is full of tricks
So long as you are near me I'll steal you with a kiss
But the bell is passing warning on the town hall clock outside
Time is running out my friend and life is on the slide

As I slip into each evening just passing through the day
It's colder here without you girl there's nothing left to say
As I look out through the window on the cobbled scene below
Life is almost empty whilst the sun has lost its glow

Standing by the coastline where the green meets blue and white
The sea breeze blows across the sands as the day turns into night
The land stays green forever when the rain it starts to fall
Mixing with the turning tide no resistance from the soil
Autumn leaves are falling in shades of red and gold
Did Father Time arouse you did you come in from the cold ?

Let me rollback misty time let me rollback misty time let me whisper in your ear let me whisper now another ray of sunshine
Another sunshine day

Winter is upon us now a cold wind from the north
Jack Frost is playing football on a silver frozen turf
Picture postcard morning - Christmas time at last
Wrap up tight in woollies - echoes from distant past
Children on new sledges there is laughter in the air
Farewell to the motor car and farewell to despair

Blue sky August sun swirling seas a gentle breeze
Mullets rise chilren fish as parents watch them from the beach
Clear nights and starry skies keen of eye a barn owl flies
Across the waves to Channel Isles watched by coastal tower lights
In the summer in Normandy in the summer in Normandy

Birds are flying overhead dreams of you are in my head
Theres no need to say goodbye time stands still I hear you cry
Summer days to laze away picture postcard curving bay
Walk along the sandy tracks seems like yesterday is back
In the summer in Normandy in the summer in Normandy
Lets slip slip away lets slip slip away

Blue sky August sun swirling seas a gentle breeze
Mullets rise children fish as parents watch them from the beach
Clear nights and starry skies watch the world pass slowly by
Across the waves to channel isles hand in hand just you and I
In the summer in Normandy in the summer in Normandy


There's a beast in side of me waiting to climb over you
No Dr.Jeckyll on your doorstep ,Mr.Hyde is coming through
No control of certain feelings building up for all to see
Chasing you will catch the moment you'll be falling over me
Red is danger warning signal let the beast outside to fly
This is not love - stranger feelings treading on a dsarkened sky

The beast is chasing you the beast is chasing you

Shadows gather pleasure palace dancing round inside my head
Mr. Hyde is gaining power feels the need for you in bed
Doors are open roads are empty out to play and feeling free
Inhibitions left behind you skip along it's time to flee
No simple understanding answers wishing you were in a dream
Blacker than the night at winter maybe this is not your scene


THE SEVEN SEAS All songs PR except where marked otherwise

Peter makes his songwriting debut with the band with a fast paced riffy rocker complete with a steamy flute solo courtesy of the author.Tull influences abound in a guitar / flute onslaught underpinned by a very solid driving rythmn section that keeps both the musician and the listener on their toes. A nice way to start off and one of the first tracks specifically recorded for this album . [PC 2003]

A deliberate attempt to go for a celtic feel and a great opportunity for guest musician Dara De Cogan to shine . This tune is familiar musical territory for the band with a nice twist at the end - headbanging a la celtic . Flutes and violins blend and contrast with the guitars busy in riffing crazy mode zooming along at pace . A very catchy riffy piece of music allowing all of the band members moments to shine through . Let's be honest we are all looking for something in life.......our very own rainbows . The trick is to work out just what this is and then of course are we gutsy enough to admit this. Indeed , whether we reach our true goal or not is in the balance depending not least upon the individual and of course the old man in the sky.

As someone who has a massive interest in the history of England especially prior to the Norman Conquest , it is hardly surprising if I choose to delve into such subject matter to encourage me in my songwriting struggles . Whether we will ever truly unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge is open to debate. The place high up on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire and one of England's greatest legacies to the world , continues to inspire , mystify and encourage yet like life seems to leave us all with more questions than answers . Musically this piece sees the band really belting out the rock and roll at a swift rate of knots . Simon gets to play an impressive lead guitar solo in the middle of the piece before returning to round the tune off with a wonderful three part guitar harmony .

The first of the acoustic tunes and something of a curio in that Peter and I collaborated together on this piece which is a personal reflection on the dreadfall events of 9 / 11 in the USA . The views are expressed in the singular but are no less relevent for us all . One wonders where it will all end .Some of you may well recognise this tune as we opened our first set with it on several acoustic dates prior to the release of the album . Just Peter and his guitar accompanied by loud heckling from the rest of the band . It seemed to work very well live hence its appearance here .

An almost serious attempt to do the ' diddly diddly ' green style and more than a passing nod to Tull . This piece gives Dave the chance to get all percussive with all manner of devices . In fact this instrumental has been featured throughout the last twelve months or so as part of the band's live reportoire . Begun initially in the rehearsal studio , refined and lengthened over time it has become a real crowd pleaser and always a joy to play for us all .

The title track is by far the longest song on the album and with good reason as the band strive for a strong Jethro Tull style epic feel . Weighing in at almost eight and a half minutes long it champions the life of the deep sea fisherman who risks life and limb even today to make a living and feed the family . The coast line around the Cherbourg peninsula in Normandy , France inspired much of the imagery .Even today there are still many working ports , the seas remain treacherous as do the many submerged rocks . Sadly all too often crews make a one way trip . In September 2003 a four man crew sailing from Portbail a small seaport approximately twenty miles from Cherbourg floundered off the Alderney coast and sank with the loss of all on board including the youngest member of the party - just nineteen and his first time .The Seven Seas is dedicated to the memory of this ill fated crew whilst also recognising the bravery of those who continue to ply their trade in this manner .

The joys of being alive in the twenty first century - one hell of a ride . Hardly surprising then that for most of us a helping hand can prove very useful and if you are a believer as I am , then this tune will ring some bells . Once again we are joined by our good friend Dara and his trusted and highly expensive violins . Peter and Dave in the meantime trade vocal parts giving almost a child like lullaby feel to the song .

Heavy riffy guitar based number with the tenor saxophone making its first appearance with a wild solo in the middle that also sees Simon and myself adding to the mayhem . On one level this is a simple love song - sharing time and space together .The tune is however dedicated to those pioneers of flight....Wilber and Orville Wright who exactly one hundred years ago achieved something quite extraordinary . We seem to have come a long way in a short space of time . The question is are we ready for the Universe or perhaps more importantly , is the Universe ready for us .

Time for some blues - a change of tempo to rekindle past musical avenues and the lyrical content on this song lends itself rather well . . Not wanting to get political and offend the delicate but it would appear that the few are making monkeys out of the rest of us.Exploitation on a grand scale and condoned by successive governments . Whilst this may be a statement about the western world , would you say the eastern world is any different .Food for thought , n'est pas ? An opportunity for Simon and Peter to debate their individual instrumental prowess .

Another riffy rock number which actually started life as a piece of instrumental music used in sound checks .In feel this is reminiscent of early Cream . A love song of sorts .In acknwledging that our lives are finite can we at least share our experiences with someone we love as we 'journey through the years '.

Simple little acoustic tune with a catchy chorus and a haunting and evocative guitar riff . A song all about childhood memories .I grew up at a time when most people took photographs and transferred them onto slides for family get togethers throughout the year but especially during dark , cold winter months where the focus always carried to the big wide projector screen . Nice to know that one of these screens still remains in the shape of the Cold Flame backdrop as seen at all our gigs .

A lets get back to basics blues tune with the emphasis very much on the lead guitar . I always wake up in an extremely positive mood .Some days , somehow , that positiveness seems to fade as the events of the day unfold . Thankfully other days stay good . What a relief . Perhaps this song owes more to some of the people I meet on a daily basis than on any of my own personel experiences .

Out and out heavy rocker from Peter who seemed determined to work out and explain , in the lyrics of this tune anyway , just why I chose to call the band Cold Flame . I wonder if he was right . It's so long ago now that I'm not sure myself which at least gives me a variety of plausible explainations to play on . [PC 2003]

Peter's abilities on the tenor sax were never in doubt and always appreciated . This particular tune which has a jazzy blues feel to it showcases his alto sax expertise - an instrument that normally remained tucked up in bed whist Peter strutted his stuff. In hindsight this would appear to be Peter's swansong assuming major autobiographical significance with the tune's focus on the ability to face personel demons and spiritual individualism at the expense of everybody else around . [PC 2003]

This is just about as autobiograhical as I would ever care to admit to . Something of a contrast to the last piece ,this is much lighter in contrast , whimsical and fun with Dave making the most of his vocal opportunity . It is a direct reference to family holidays spent on the Normandy coastline and quiet rural villages basking under a warm August sun .An annual calm and stress free event existence made ever more neccessary as the demands and hassles of living in the U.K. steadily increase . The flute playing away in the background just adds to the overall feel of contentment .Wish it was summer right now . Slip away indeed .

A very deliberate choice to end the album with a very loud bang .Completely over the top in every department and why not . This is somewhat reminiscent of early Tull at their most outrageous .Simon is given free reign to explode over a very powerful rythmn . In fact the origins of this song go back to early band days around 1985 and the influence of original guitarist Dave Conner and his trusted pedal board . Those original ideas which focused on George Orwell's satire Animal Farm have merely been enhanced and fine tuned on this piece with new and more meaningful much darker lyrics and struture for the modern ear . In other words , it's just a bit louder . There is a positive and negative side to everything in this world and that includes us.....all of us .Robert Louis Stevenson had a point .





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