PAT ROWBOTTOM - The Sands of Time.
Original release 1995 - Remastered Feb 2007 PRM DCD02 2007

cd1 The Sands of Time - studio
Sands Of Time
Byards Leap
Two Sisters
Piccollo March
Every Man's An Island
Love Never Sleeps
Drummer Boy
The Piper's Song
Another Requiem
By The Sword Divided
*Byards Leap [alternate mix]
cd2 * The Sands of Time - live
Cotten Pickin'
Down On The Ranch
Sands Of Time
Every Man's An Island
Turning Of The Tide
Chimney Song
Close To The Wind
The Third Leg/ The Piper's Song
All Along The Watchtower
Knocking on Heaven's Door
Driftwood [demo]
Sands of Time
Musicians - studio
Pat Rowbottomvocals, electric bass guitars, mandolin, keyboards
Karen Heywoodvocals, acoustic guitar
Daniel Hallelectric guitar
Dave Forwardkeyboards, strings percussion
Ben Rossingtonflutes
John Peacocktrumpet
Jean Hobsonpiano accordian [track 6]
Jayne Pickfordflute [track 9]
Andrew Mellorvocals [tracks 11,14]
Musicians - live + 4track demo
Pat Rowbottomvocals, bass guitar
Neil Fishervocals, acoustic guitar
Vince Waltonpercussion
Joe Francistenor saxophone

Recorded and engineered at The Basement Studio by Dave Forward in 1994/ 95 and live in Derbyshire Autumn 1994.
Remastered in Feb 2007 using the Cold Flame recording mobile. Remastering by Davyd Simpson. Produced by Pat Rowbottom
All songs by Pat Rowbottom except 'Byards Leap' and 'Two Sisters' trad..arranged by PR.. All Along The Watchtower/ Knocking On Heaven's Door - B.Dylan. Superman - G. Zeckley/M. Bottler. Close to the Wind - S.Marson. All arrangements PR. Chimney song - Neil Fisher. * signifies previously unreleased material.

Background to this album

In early 1995 Pat returned to the Basement studios in Broadbottom with the intention of recording a number of newly written original vocal and instrumental songs that did not quite fit the rocking blues sound of Cold Flame. in an intensive four month period working alongside sound engineer Dave Forward , Pat put together an album's worth of acoustic and folk rock tunes. Whilst this was a conscience effort to do something outside of the blues rock framework associated with Cold Flame there was also an interest in playing some simpler acoustic based material.There is an historical central theme running through much of the album reflecting on events that occurred during the English civil war of 1661-65 - and both the music and lyrics reflect this theme. Whilst the album may be short on blues some members of Cold Flame's line up at the time do make an appearance especially the guitar work of Daniel Hall, whilst singer Andrew Mellor also features on a couple of tunes - 'The Pipers Song' and 'By the Sword Divided'. Some of the instrumental passages of the album have since found their way into more recent Cold Flame shows as the band has become more versatile and embraced prog rock, folk rock and acoustic music. In addition to the Cold Flame musicians represented, a number of other local musicians also provide support on a number of the songs. It is worth noting that Cold Flame's acoustic line up now play several songs from this album in their more recent live shows.

The Sands of Time album - Pat's second solo studio album - was released in 1995. However in 2005, a brand new and remastered version was released as a double album. Working alongside the then current Cold Flame keyboard player Davyd Simpson both at Basement Studios as well as Davyd's studio in Mossley, Lancashire over a four week period, Pat was able to restore some extremely rare live material recorded back in 1995 in Derbyshire which featured some of the material found on 'The Sands of Time' album. The new double album package complete with a new album cover was released on September 15 2005.

The double album 'The Sands of Time' is available via the band website Shop



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