In Arms of the September Sun

In Arms of the September Sun(2009) Robert Barnes
In Arms
Turning to the Sun
Hanging Pain
1969[No need to hide]
Dominator The man from Milwaukee
Breathe in
Are you having a good time
Setting sun
Think it over
Cry In Arms[original]

Robert Barnes vocals, lead guitars
T.Hassell vocals
A. Barnes vocals, acoustic guitar
P. Barnes bass guitar
A. Bithell drums, percussion

All music and lyrics by Robert Barnes with additional lyrics by T.Hassell. Track 5 additional musicians - Marlene on bass guitar, John Slater on drums. Track 11/12 Lee Wickham on drums. Tracks 1,5.13 recorded at The Shed Studio. Tracks 2,3,4 at Bluechip Studio. Tracks 6 -12 recorded live at The Globe Hotel, Glossop. Mixed and mastered by studio engineer John Slater at The Shed Recording Studios in Romiley in 2006. Remastered in Jan 2009 at The Shed Studios in Romiley, Stockport England. by John Slater. Repackaged by Robert Barnes in Jan 2009. All rights reserved.


Background to the album

'In Arms of the September Sun is a compilation of studio/live music featuring Cold Flame lead guitarist Rob Barnes prior to his joining the band. The music was recorded in two separate studios - Bluechip Studios and The Shed Studios and together with some live recordings recorded at The Globe Hotel in Glossop, Derbyshire form the basis of what is Rob's first solo album. All the material on the album features Rob's original electric material written and performed by Rob together with friends from the local music scene. Featured on this album are a number of tunes that have now found their way into Cold Flame live shows over recent years..

Please note that this album is only available direct from Rob Barnes, Contact via email


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